PAINTING'S PAINTING'S Hopedale Pond This 30x24 oil on stretch canvas is framed and ready to hang. $1,640.00 Hopedale Pond is a real place located in Hopedale, Masssachusetts. You can view it on Google Earth or by searching the internet. 205659733 Forbidden Fruit 12x16 Oil on stretched canvas. With frame, 14 3/4x18 3/4 inch. Reasonable offers will be considered. See more at, 205467812 Passing The Torch This painting is a 12 X 24-inch Oil on stretched canvas. 28x16 inch with frame. The painting is signed and framed. $1064.00 205448958 Girl in the window 16x20 inch oil on canvas board. Framed $840.00 205910563 Fred and Ginger 11/24/2018: Getting back to my 22x28 inch stretch canvas painting of Fred and Ginger. I have changed the background to blue. I have much to do and may be with my new studio I can increase my productivity. 205437918 The Fire Road March 27, 2018: 24x18 inch framed. $800.00 A Fire Road is a road built by fire fighters through the woods for quick easy access to any fires that may break out in the forest. 204658461 Hopedale Pond 30 x 24" Oil on canvas is now finished and is for sale. 204459773 Hopedale Pond In progress closeup 204459774 Hopedale Pond In progress closeup 204459775 Nature's Cathedral 11 x 14" Oil on canvas unframed. 200464719 The Children and the Pony This was a real farm in Bellingham, Massachusetts. Since it has sadly been developed into high-end single family homes. 199677924 Late Fall Country Road Work in progress still a way to go on this. 200367180 My son Kevin 1982 Photo reference shot for future painting. 196256986 Irene on the beach another work in progress. 200367227 Apple Apple is a photo of an apple that grew on my apple tree on my property. It was the first fall in 2002 after I bought the house in November 2001 and my first crop and I felt it was so perfect I just had to record it before I ate it. 170351628 Terry McCall In progress. 200367228 The Hindedburg 32.5x26" Oil on canvas, The Hindenburg was commissioned in 1987 but never picked up. Framed and ready to hang. 170351629 Landscap 13x10" Watercolor landscape done from imagination is framed and ready to hang. 170351630 Young Girl Sleeping 16x20 inch oil on canvas board unframed. 205171721 206049791 206049792 206049793 Old Wreck 20 x 16 Oil on canvas, $840.00 framed in a driftwood frame. Reasonable offers will be considered. 206072442