A dream I had 11/15/1985 1:22am

Posted by Paul McCall on November 20, 2020 at 11:00 PM

Paul J. McCall’s dream, 11/5/1985 1:22am: I woke and wrote this down. I did a drawing of Anna as best as I could recall.

It was like anarchy, like the end of the world or sudden war. All were at work when it hit or happened. Everyone scrambling out, trying to make it home to see if indeed they still had one. It was easy to get lost, people everywhere all with the same thought, “Home, I must get home”. I remember losing track of a girl called Anna. Some others and I searched for her; she had left work early that day for a party at a friend’s place. All she told us was, she was going to a party at a friend’s place down town. When we got down town we started searching apartments mainly in old high rises. The apartments were very small and cramped and a lot were burned out by looters. We no sooner got to a place to look for Anna when we were harassed by a few looters trying to intimidate us. We managed to fight them off successfully and continue our search (I woke).


I remember calling for Anna in the city streets as loud as I could, over and over. Someone commented, “God! You have a loud voice”.

One note, everyone spoke with what sounded like an English accent but not the high brow type.


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