Posted by Paul McCall on July 18, 2015 at 2:10 PM

What occurred since the day, we happened to be crossing the same lawn when we first met? I traveled all this way to see you and now you cannot find time for me. I believed that you were serious that day when you said that you wanted to help me. I thought we both had been fortunately surprised when we bumped into each other, it seemed like fate had somehow been involved.

Before that day, we were just two strangers walking across a lawn when our paths crossed. I wasn't myself that day, I was feeling frustrated and alone when out of nowhere I overheard you breaking down, and you were talking to yourself saying, you were going to be late. I had no idea what you were going to be late for, but still I felt compelled to tell you that you were not alone, that I too was in despair, hoping that I might comfort you. You seemed so grateful at the time; as we walked together, we got into a conversation and became friendly. You even offered to help me with my book. That made me feel good, I felt I had found an ally, a friend just when I needed one; I told you how last year I had lost my younger brother and only months later my stepfather. It was my attempted to comfort you and it seemed to help.

Now you brush me aside as if I am a bother, and in your way. I guess I did help you; you seem completely in command of yourself once again. Well no charge my friend, but if you find yourself back, crossing the lawn and begin to break down, remember I am not going to be there for you. I wish you well but never forget, despair and hell are still out there hiding in plain sight and they know no favorites.

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