Posted by Paul McCall on February 5, 2013 at 5:05 PM


Hazel J. Hollander

A poor little waif was trodding alone.

More wondrous eyes have never shown.

She had no shoes, just her little bare feet.

And a tattered dress, though she looked so sweet.

She seemed to be searching for something she lost.

Or was it something she never had that caused her to look so lonely and sad?

I stopped and asked her, dear if you please, what is your name, and where do you go?

She answered Marie and I really don’t know.

I’ve searched for a mother, they said I had one but I’ve looked everywhere and have

found none.

Well my dear I’ve been searching too for a baby I’d lost who’d look just like you.

We’ll live together and be happy, you’ll see.

Forever and ever for God meant it to be.

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